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The City of Cracow


Cracow is a city of culture, art, science, and in recent years, without a doubt the up and coming place to do business. It is one of a few places in the world where you can feel history intermingled with the present. In addition to well-known monuments, Cracow has developed a very good communications infrastructure, tourism industry and a rapidly growing business sector . When visiting Cracow, you cannot miss a trip to visit Wawel Castle, St. Mary's Church, the Cloth Hall, Kazimierz and the Collegium Mains, Collegium Novum and Collegium Juridicum.
Our vibrant city has always attracted and continues to attract exceptional people. In the year 2000 Cracow was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture.

The city has a very rich cultural offering based around its numerous cultural institutions including theatres, museums, concert halls, art galleries and cinemas. There is a huge number of pubs and restaurants offering international and local specialities, as well as a night life scene with something for all tastes.
Cracow is a powerful research centre. The potential of the city and its 24 universities and approximately 209,000 students is endless. Thus, Cracow has a large group of highly skilled personnel for all modern sectors of the economy and attracts investors of different industries. An additional advantage is the fact that 60% of the population of Cracow are under the age of 45.

The attractiveness of the city, location and talented and mobile workforce all contribute to making Cracow an ever more interesting place to invest and popular city for the implementation of large international projects.